NTA 8399:2015 compliance

The Nederlandse Technische Afspraak (NTA) focuses on portable, passive, optical camera systems with which volatile organic compounds can be made visible in real-time. Non-portable, stationary systems that can be deployed less flexible, fall outside the scope of this NTA.

NTA recently published the NTA 8399:2015 regulation, which is applicable in Flanders, Belgium, and in The Netherlands and which replaces its predecessor; NTA 8399:2013.

The measurements we execute, the collected data as well as the report generation is in compliance with NTA 8399 "Air quality - Guidelines for the detection of diffuse release volatile organic compounds' optical gas imaging."


Our certified personnel use state-of-the-art equipment for tank screenings to ensure the most accurate results such as:

    • FLIR GF320
    • FLIR GF306
    • ATEX EyeCGas camera

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