Shem-13.06 compliance

SHEM-13.06 (Safety, Health & Environment Management), the protocol specifically for SABIC in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, requires minimization of safety- and health risks to the employees and the process equipment by ensuring that a Fugitive Emission Program or Leak Detection And Repair (LDAR) is in place to monitor the VOC or Hazardous Air Pollutants.

The measurements we execute, the collected data as well as the report generation is in compliance with SHEM-13.06.


Our certified personnel use state-of-the-art equipment for LDAR to ensure the most accurate results such as:

  • TVA1000B
  • TVA2020
  • MiniRae 3000
  • Vrae
  • FLIR GF306

Moreover, our in-house developed Fugitive Emission Management Software gives an overview of all measured components, enables easy data-access and customizable reporting in compliance with SHEM-13.06.

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