VLAREM compliance

The Sniffers is recognized in Flanders, Belgium (LNE, “Department Leefmilieu, Natuur, Energie”) as a laboratory in the discipline air for the following package:

L.11 : determination of diffuse emissions

L.11.1 : implementing leak detection programs ( LDAR ) and emission control.

The measurements we execute, the collected data as well as the report generation is in compliance with VLAREM II Afdeling 4.4.6 "Meten en beheersen van fugitieve VOS-emissies".


Our certified personnel use state-of-the-art equipment for LDAR to ensure the most accurate results such as:

    • TVA1000B
    • TVA2020
    • MiniRae 3000
    • FLIR GF306
    • FLIR GF320
    • ATEX Eye-cam

Moreover, our in-house developed Fugitive Emission Management Software gives an overview of all measured components, enables easy data-access and customizable reporting in compliance with VLAREM.

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