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Emission monitoring

Manage your emissions and leaks to the atmosphere with our emission monitoring services​

Reporting emission data to stakeholders is required for each oil & gas company. However, the environmental regulator or public opinion demands that these figures are accurate, transparent and credible, especially with the launch of the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP) 2.0 Reporting Framework.

In order to guarantee high quality emission data, it is essential to start from the actual situation onsite. By creating a credible baseline with a detailed inventory of potential leaking sources, using the best available measurement techniques, remeasurement of the leaks after repair and transparent data processing, you report high quality emission data that is derived from measurements rather than modelling.

Our experts have 30 years of experience in emission monitoring services such as Leak Detection And Repair, Optical Gas Imaging surveys, and methane emission monitoring. We are knowledgeable about environmental standards, regulations and protocols. 

Our processes are reliable and accredited and you can rely on innovative technologies such as emission management software to ensure well-structured and transparent data from well to market.

Emission monitoring services

Leak Detection And Repair

Leak Detection And Repair (LDAR) - Fugitive emission management​

Identify, quantify and reduce unintended or fugitive emissions with our Leak Detection And Repair program. A best-in-class LDAR program will help your maintenance team to set clear priorities for repair activities, to comply with environmental legislation and to report emissions to your stakeholders in a credible way.

Smart LDAR - Optical Gas Imaging​

Scan large or hard-to-reach areas, such as non-accessible sources, quickly with our Optical Gas Imaging program. Use the OGI method on its own to detect the most important leaking components or incorporate it with your traditional LDAR program to transfer the leak/no leak information into mass leak information kg per year. This combined method is also known as a Smart LDAR program.​

methane emission monitoring

Methane emission monitoring

Identify, quantify and reduce methane emissions from well to market with our methane emission monitoring services. Report credible, audited data to all stakeholders and limit global warming.

EU Methane Regulation compliance

On 15 December 2021, the European Commission released its proposal for a European Regulation for methane emissions reductions in the energy sector. We specialize in performing LDAR surveys and detecting and reporting methane leaks on source-level and site-level. Discover how we can help you get ready.

OGMP 2.0 Reporting Framework compliance

Has your company committed to monitoring and reporting methane emissions in compliance with the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP) 2.0 Reporting Framework? Whatever your current emission situation is, our experts help you set up a plan to reach the Gold Standard, and perform best-in-class measurements on source level and site level.

Storage tank emission management​

Get a clear view of the emissions of your storage tanks with fixed roofs, external or internal floating roofs or gas spheres, even combined with Vapor Recovery Units. We combine different techniques such as Optical Gas Imaging, PID or FID sniffing or accurate quantification with bagging or High Flow Sampling, to determine a complete emission picture of your storage tank installation.​

Vent and flare loss monitoring

Vent and flare loss monitoring​

Identify hydrocarbon losses to your flare system with our vent and flare loss monitoring program. Using ultrasonic equipment, we quantify the amount of internal product loss. This service is known to achieve a fast Return On Investment. Reduce polluting emissions fast.​

turnaround acceleration services

Turnaround acceleration services​

We offer a series of dedicated inspection services before shutdown, during the turnaround and after the startup. Methods include ultrasonic inspection of steam lines and vent and flare lines, infrared thermographic surveys, fast screening of leaks with the infrared camera or with sniffing device. Guarantee a leak-free installation when starting up production.

New technologies

New technologies​

Discover new technologies, such as Remote Sensing and UAV drone inspections, that have proven their capabilities in real operational conditions to identify and quantify emissions. Our professionals thoroughly test new technologies before offering them to our customers.​

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