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New technologies

Proven new technologies to manage your emissions and leaks to the atmosphere

We keep a close eye on emerging technologies to monitor emissions and leaks to the atmosphere. Before launching any new technologies, our operational team thoroughly tests the technologies to identify the pros and cons so you drive further improvement and benefit from the technology´s capabilities.

Currently, we offer UAV drone inspections, continuous remote sensing measurements with an iNose device and a Remote Methane Laser Detector to easily check methane emissions in non-accessible areas.

New proven technologies to monitor emissions

Remote Methane Laser Detector (RMLD)

Detect 'methane clouds' fast in non accessible areas with our Remote Methane Laser Detector (RMLD) through infrared absorption.

The outcome of the measurement is a PPM value.

Remote Sensing

Our iNose is an AI driven gas monitor able to detect and identify a wide range of gases. It uses various machine learning techniques to be a viable alternative to expensive lab equipment with very low maintenance or (re)calibration.

Using multiple iNoses, an IoT-network can be deployed to identify odor annoyance, plant and storage gas leakages, degassing of ships and evaluating plumes from calamities.

UAV Drone Inspections and Measurements

Increase people´s safety and perform efficient inspections and measurements of emissions with our UAV drone service.

We use Methane Emission Laser devices and infrared OGI cameras to detect VOC emissions. Ideal for measuring non-accessibles and closed-loop measurements.

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