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Turnaround acceleration services

Inspections that support you throughout your complete turnaround process

We offer a series of dedicated inspection services addressing the specific challenges of a turnaround

Some inspection activities are executed before shutdown to identify the components that need further maintenance. To speed up the installation activities, some inspections are done during turnaround. Leak detection is also done after startup of production to minimize leaks and incidents. 

These techniques and services enable the maintenance team to focus their efforts on the key critical components. Effective inspection services guarantee fast and safe production startups.

Our inspections before, during, and after turnaround

Ultrasonic leak detection of opened equipment
Check all opened equipment for leaks and replace time-consuming and inaccurate soap tests.
Wall thickness measurements
We check the thickness of pipes or pressure vessels. No need to dismantle components for maintenance and it allows you to check components more frequently so you can plan repairs in a timely manner.
Helium leak testing
Our Industrial Service Line perform high quality helium leak tests to detect and quantify leaks in process installations, allowing swift remedial action to be taken ahead of start-up.

Benefits of turnaround acceleration services

Identify critical components

By clearly having the most critical components identified before shutdown, maintenance can easily maintain focus and prioritize.

Save costs by identifying product loss

Reduce costs by detecting leaking equipment and product loss with effective inspection services.

Guarantee fast and safe startup

Rely on fast and accurate leak detection methods instead of inaccurate soap tests or expensive helium tests.