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Vent and flare loss monitoring

Identify vent and flare leaks fast through vent and flare loss monitoring

Fugitive emissions are only a part of the total methane emissions in a facility. Emissions through flaring or venting are mostly the largest losses, and reducing them, often requires adjustments that have a large impact on processes in terms of design and investments.

However, there is a category of flare and vent losses that can easily be eliminated and that can be responsible for large losses every year: flare or vent leaks.

Valves are supposed to work perfectly. If defect, they cause flare or vent losses. Internally passing equipment exists of pressure relief valves, safety valves, bypass valves, automatic regulated valves, check valves, PSV’s, EDP’s, etc.

Typically, this involves high pressure and large diameter valves, causing high losses in case of leakage. Using ultrasonic technology, these leaks can be detected and losses can be avoided.

Total Belgium has their passing valves checked by our experts. Why?

Benefits of vent and flare loss monitoring

Reduce polluting emissions

Save costs by identifying vent and flare leaks and reduce polluting emissions.

Achieve a fast Return On Investment

Have your biggest leaks identified and repaired and recoup your investments well within a year.

Avoid production disruption

Using ultrasonic leak detection equipment, our experts identify internal leaking equipment without delays in your production.

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