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Emission tools and services

Discover our tools and services to fully support your emission management strategy

Emission management is more than holding an infrared camera. Stakeholders and public opinion demand emission data that is accurate, credible and in compliance with the set environmental regulation. There may even be recent changes in the legislation that you need to be aware of, fully comprehend, and comply with.

As far as the actual measurements are concerned, a detailed and well-structured inventory of all potential leaking sources can be challenging. Operators performing the measurements also need to understand minimum detection limits, stability, calibration requirements, cross sensitivity and other characteristics in order to deliver high quality and correct data that is then translated in a report. Would you like assistance with the best tools and services? 

Our professionals can help you with defining and improving your emission management strategy. Apart from performing measurements, we also have the tools, knowledge and skilled people to help you throughout the full cycle of emission management. From understanding environmental regulations to performing measurements, and capturing as well as interpreting emission data.

Tools and services to manage emissions

Emission tools and services

Emission management software application SFEMP

SFEMP - Sniffers Full Emission Management Platform – is a web-based software application that was designed to capture and manage your emissions data, whatever the emission type, and to report your emission performance to your stakeholders in a reliable and transparent way. SFEMP helps you understand your current emission situation and allows you to define continuous improvement actions on site level and company-wide level.

emission management trainings

Emission management training

After being present in the oil & gas industry for 30 years and performing more than 9.000 successful projects, our team of experts has the skillset to train your HSE professionals. If you use our emission management software application SFEMP, we recommend following a training so you reap the benefits of this software application.

Environmental program development

Environmental program development

Looking for a structured and documented approach to reach your environmental goals on corporate level? We develop multi-year environmental programs with and for our customers. Whether we propose robust methodologies or risk-based inspection approaches, we identify the best available techniques for each customer individually so you reach your objectives.

performance benchmarking

Performance benchmarking

Do you currently miss overviews of your overall emission performance across multiple sites? Do you want to compare your environmental performance with similar peers? Our benchmarking capability reveals areas of improvement and confirms best in class practices.

Regulatory advice

Regulatory advice

When policies, directives and local legislation are defined in a country, they enable governments to track environmental improvements. How can you comply with these legislations and develop effective environmental programs to show your environmental efforts and results? Our experts are continuously updated on latest developments and changes to provide you with correct and the most recent information.

How can we help you with our emission tools and services?

Contact our experts. We gladly provide you with advice.