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As oil and gas producer, different stakeholders require you to report reliable data of VOC and methane emissions and to show year-after-year reductions of emissions, especially now with the launch of the EU Methane Strategy and the OGMP2.0 Reporting Framework. But how do you deliver a credible report using data collected from different surveys on source-level or site-level from well to market?

SFEMP – Sniffers Full Emission Management Platform – is a cloud-based software application that was designed to capture and manage emissions data from different surveys, whatever the emission type, and to report your emissions performance to your stakeholders in a reliable and transparent way. Since it is cloud-based, you always work with up-to-date data. SFEMP is the digital twin of your assets onsite.

SFEMP helps you understand your current emission situation and allows you to define continuous improvement actions on site level and company-wide level.

Capabilities of emission management software

One central platform
Start, manage, and improve your emission campaigns from one cloud-based software application.
Captures all emissions
SFEMP captures different emission types including fugitive, intended, safety, intermitting and maintenance emissions for the full oil and gas value chain.
Covers all calculation protocols
Your emission data will be well-organized and visualized, easy to select and aggregate. All calculations are in compliance with the legislation and guidelines applicable for your situation.
Full support
From scope setup through planning your campaigns, measurements, collecting emissions data, repair activities and reporting; SFEMP helps you throughout the full process.
Upload additional information
SFEMP easily imports P&ID´s, videos, photos and files.
Seamless data transfer with SFEMP Mobile
The SFEMP Mobile application transfers data seamlessly from the field into the software. This means that SFEMP gives you a continuous representation of the actual situation onsite. SFEMP is your digital twin. This allows you to immediately create repair orders, including photos and P&ID extracts whilst executing measurements onsite.
Cloud-based platform with high cyber security
SFEMP runs on a cloud-based platform with high cyber security standards. Work with updated, secure software and use the latest functionalities.
Connectivity with maintenance systems
SFEMP easily connects with other maintenance systems you currently already use, such as SAP and SalesForce.

Experience SFEMP during an online demo

Curious to see SFEMP in action?

Book an online demo and see how SFEMP can help your company with reporting credible VOC and methane emissions data to your stakeholders. Ask your questions during the demo and get immediate feedback from our experts. Don´t worry, the demo is free of charge and there are no commitments.

Benefits of emission management software SFEMP

Shape your emission strategy

SFEMP helps automate the planning, execution and reporting of your emission management programs. From scope setup through planning your campaigns, measurements, collecting emissions data, repair activities and reporting; SFEMP helps you throughout the full process.

Visualize your emissions performance with up-to-date info

You can customize dashboards to visualize the environmental performance of your site or company. With SFEMP Mobile, you have a continuous representation of the most actual situation onsite.

Perform benchmarkings to reveal results

Benchmark yourself against (internal) oil and gas peers. Reveal actual results and gaps against annual emission targets or methane intensity.