Environmental program development

Reach environmental goals with the help of our experts

Looking for a structured and documented approach to reach your environmental goals on corporate level? We develop multi year environmental programs with and for our customers.

Focused on VOC emission reduction or specific methane emission reduction, energy saving targets in flaring, venting, steam consumption, compressed air losses, and pipeline integrity surveys, these programs deliver your environmental goals. Whether we propose robust methodologies or risk-based inspection approaches, we identify the best available techniques for each customer individually so you reach your objectives.

We rely on nearly 30 years of industry experience worldwide8.000 successful emission reduction projects and our know-how about technologies to develop environmental programs that realize your environmental and sustainability ambition on corporate level worldwide.

This makes us different

Worldwide experience

30 years of
industry experience worldwide

Incorporated in 1991, The Sniffers is focused to support customers in their environmental objectives.

Emission management

Corporate emission and pipeline integrity platforms

Dedicated extensive services around emission management, energy savings and pipeline integrity.

Executed projects

More than 9.000 projects executed

Our global experience enables us to benchmark and identify best practices as well as areas for improvement.

Innovative technologies

Innovative technologies and solutions

State of the art software platforms SFEMP® and PRIMS® for lean work processing and applying new technologies when valuable.


Reliable and accredited processes and methodologies

Certified and laboratory accredited organization with ISO 9001, 14001 and SCC, and ISO 17025 612-TEST Belac and 389-TEST Israc.

Dedicated team

Passionate and dedicated team
of experts

Well trained and qualified specialists, listening to the customer and applying best available techniques.

Can we help you with creating or improving your environmental programs?