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Performance benchmarking

Benchmark your emission results and reveal areas of improvement

Do you currently miss overviews of your overall emission performance across multiple sites? Do you want to compare your performance and figures with other peers? Our benchmark capability reveals areas of improvement and confirms best in class practices. Compare your emission performance over different sites or with other oil and gas players.

A benchmarking exercise can be executed internally within a corporation or a peer to peer comparision can be visualised with our broad emission figure population of about 9.000 projects in an anonymized way.

Ranking, top quartile or P10 classifications makes the real performance transparent up to a detailed technical level and initiate a stream of continous improvement activities. The power of knowledge sharing and best practise identification lead without any doubt to tangible environmental results.

This makes us different

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  • 100 technical experts
  • > 30 years of experience


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  • ISO 9001 – 14001
  • ISO 17025 Laboratory Accreditation
    • 612-TEST Belac
    • 389-TEST Israc
  • SCC**2017/6.0

Strategic partner

  • Support to fully comply with OGMP Gold Standard
  • Cooperation with policymakers & regulators

Active globally

  • 35 countries worldwide
  • > 9.000 executed projects

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