Regulatory advice

We help you understand and comply with environmental regulations

When policies, directives and local legislation are defined in a country, they enable governments to track environmental improvements. How can you comply with these legislations and develop effective environmental programs to show your environmental efforts and results?

Based on our global experience and know-how of both international and local legislation, we help oil and gas companies fully understand and comply with legislation. Our experts are continuously updated on latest developments and changes to provide you with correct and the most recent information. Scope determinations, exclusions, measuring technologies, measuring frequencies and quality assurance requirements are part of our daily work methodology. Apart from these aspects, we also have an excellent understanding of BAT and BREFs.

Regulations, standards and protocols we comply with

  • OGCI – Oil & Gas Climate Initiative
  • EPA-453-R95-017
  • NEN-EN 15446
  • VLAREL 11.1 and VLAREL 11.13
  • NTA8399:2015
  • MilieuMonitor 14 and 15
  •  NL Activiteitenbesluit / ZZS regulations
  • Chemelot
  • 40 CFR Part 60, Subpart OOOOa
  • AER Directive 060
  • Saudi Aramco Protocol
  • ADNOC Gas Processing Guidelines [Ref: HSE-GU-025 (rev 1); Dec 2018]
  •  RCER
  • Shem-13.06
  • QP procedure for implementation of methane leak detection and repair (LDAR) program
  •  ISPRA
  • Clean Air Law 5768 – 2008

This makes us different

Worldwide experience

30 years of
industry experience worldwide

Incorporated in 1991, The Sniffers is focused to support customers in their environmental objectives.

Emission management

Corporate emission and pipeline integrity platforms

Dedicated extensive services around emission management, energy savings and pipeline integrity.

Executed projects

More than 9.000 projects executed

Our global experience enables us to benchmark and identify best practices as well as areas for improvement.

Innovative technologies

Innovative technologies and solutions

State of the art software platforms SFEMP® and PRIMS® for lean work processing and applying new technologies when valuable.


Reliable and accredited processes and methodologies

Certified and laboratory accredited organization with ISO 9001, 14001 and SCC, and ISO 17025 612-TEST Belac and 389-TEST Israc.

Dedicated team

Passionate and dedicated team
of experts

Well trained and qualified specialists, listening to the customer and applying best available techniques.

Can we help you with regulatory compliance?