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Energy savings

Identify energy losses and save costs with our energy saving services

Fugitive emissions are only a part of the total emissions in oil & gas facilities. Energy losses are known to have a high Return on Investment once they are identified and repaired by the maintenance team. For example, boilers and other steam plant producers are the most significant energy consumers in a refinery. Identifying losses from only a few defective steam traps, bypasses or process valves immediately results in high cost savings. The same applies to losses from venting and flaring, detecting errors in newly built infrastructure during a turnaround, or leaks found in compressed air systems.

Our experts have 30 years of experience in different energy-saving services such as vent and flare loss monitoring, steam loss monitoring, infrared thermographic surveys, and compressed air & vacuum leak detection.

We operate globally and work with the best available techniques to provide you with an accurate, transparent report of energy losses. We are knowledgeable about environmental standards, regulations, and protocols and our processes are reliable and accredited.

Energy saving services

Vent and flare loss monitoring

Vent and flare loss monitoring​

Identify hydrocarbon losses to your flare system with our vent and flare loss monitoring program. Using ultrasonic equipment, we quantify the amount of internal product loss. This service is known to achieve a fast Return On Investment. Reduce polluting emissions fast.​

Steam loss monitoring

Steam loss monitoring

Reduce steam loss and save costs quickly by having defective steam traps, bypasses or process valves detected fast and accurately. Our experts use ultrasonic and infrared equipment to measure the lost tons of steam resulting in accurate steam loss data and detailed repair orders for maintenance.

Infrared thermographic surveys

Infrared thermographic surveys

Extend the lifespan of your infrastructure and detect hidden problems early with out infrared thermographic surveys. Make sure all objects in your facilities work at its full capacity to reduce energy consumption and save costs.

Compressed air and vacuum leak detection

Compressed air and vacuum leak detection

Detect compressed air, vacuum or nitrogen leaks with our dedicated service. Using ultrasonic equipment for both accessible and non-accessible sources, we provide you with a full picture of energy losses in your facility.

How can we help you with our energy saving services?

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