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Natural gas industry

Our clients in the natural gas industry

In recent years, due to its lower carbon emission, natural gas has become the major energy transition source to replace coal and oil. The success of gas as a power source can thus contribute to a significant reduction in global warming if methane emissions can be minimized.

The challenges

Every player in the gas value chain deals with methane emissions. These emissions can either be unintended or intended through venting, flaring, or gas-driven devices or any other sources and can occur anywhere in the gas production, storage, and transportation chain.

As methane is a short-lived climate pollutant with a Global Warming Potential of 84 times that of CO2 over a 20-year time span, the oil & gas industry has the ambition to reduce these emissions as soon as possible.

Other challenges for the natural gas industry include tackling ageing infrastructure, fire and explosion hazards and the risk of leaking flammable or cryogenic products.

How we can help

Our methane emission monitoring service, which is fully in compliance with the new Oil and Gas Methane Partnership OGMP) 2.0, together with our emissions management software SFEMP, and our emission tools and services, help you to retrieve a complete, transparent, and reliable picture of methane emissions from well to market. With this data, we develop bespoke plans for continuous and sustainable improvement in the reduction of methane emissions. 

Success is tracked by measuring emission sources after repairs or conducted engineering interventions have been performed, leading up to demonstrated fugitive emission reductions of up to 70 percent. Backed by 30 years of experience and over 9.000 successful emission reduction projects, we help you identify, manage and reduce methane emissions.

How we help the natural gas industry