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Oil industry

Our clients in the oil industry

If you are active in the oil industry – upstream, midstream or downstream – the protection of the environment and safeguarding limited natural resources plays an ever increasing part.

The challenges

The integrity of your assets needs to be managed throughout the complete value chain, from exploration & production (offshore or onshore) to transportation, over cracking and refining, storage tanks and finally through distribution.

VOC emissions need to be reduced, energy consumption needs to kept at a minimum and the integrity of your pipeline network must be maintained. Moreover, company policies or country legislation may require you to put effective emission management programs in place to reduce carbon footprint, methane emissions, costs and maintain brand image.

How we help the oil industry

Through our LDAR, Smart LDAR and vent and flare loss monitoring programs as demonstrated with more than 9.000 successful emission reduction projects worldwide, we help the oil industry to minimize greenhouse gases or other emissions, as well as venting or flaring.

How we help the oil industry