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(Petro-)chemical industry

Clients in the (petro-)chemical industry

If you work in the (petro-)chemical industry, you probably have corporate social responsibility goals in order to protect the environment. Your aim is to minimize the environmental impact of your operations as an integral part of your company policy.

The challenges

If environmental regulations, protocols and standards are effective in your country, these regulations mandate you to execute effective programs for minimizing emissions to the atmosphere and limiting the use of natural resources such as energy and water. Carbon footprint minimization and cost reductions are other defined objectives. 

How we can help

Our dedicated programs such as LDAR, Smart LDAR – Optical Gas Imaging, vent and flare loss monitoring and steam loss monitoring help you identify, quantify and reduce emissions or energy losses. Our services help you reduce emissions to the atmosphere and save costs by identifying product loss.

Backed by more than 9.000 successful emission reduction projects worldwide and 30 years of experience in the oil & gas industry, we help the (petro-)chemical industry in complying with legislation, achieving environmental objectives and saving costs.

How we help the (petro-)chemical industry