The transport and distribution of liquids and gases through pipelines are the best multimodal transportation alternatives. Although pipelines are by far the safest means of energy transportation, they pose challenges for every pipeline network operator.

The challenges

After a series of accidents in various parts of the world, a proper risk-assessment of the pipeline network is essential to ensure safe operation of these assets.

The 2 main reasons for incidents and disruption of continuous supply remain pipeline damage due to excavation and pipeline corrosion.

How we can help

 A proper strategy to minimize these 2 main physical threats to pipelines and to avoid personal injuries and transportation disruption is essential.

With more than 8.000 successful emission reduction projects worldwide and 28 years of experience in the oil & gas industry, we help pipeline networks maintain the integrity of their pipelines with a full service package from pipeline localization over pipeline leak detection with equipment and even specialized sniffing dogs to corrosion surveys.

Our customers for pipeline networks

How we help pipeline networks

This makes us different

Worldwide experience

28 years of
industry experience worldwide

Incorporated in 1991, The Sniffers is focused to support customers in their environmental objectives.

Emission management

Corporate emission and pipeline integrity platforms

Dedicated extensive services around emission reduction, energy savings and pipeline integrity.

Executed projects

More than 8000 emission reduction projects executed

Our global experience enables us to benchmark and identify best practices as well as areas for improvement.

Innovative technologies

Innovative technologies and solutions

State of the art software platforms SFEMP and Perseus for lean work processing and applying new technologies when valuable.


Reliable and accredited processes and methodologies

Certified and laboratory accredited organization with ISO 9001, 14001 and SCC, and ISO 17025 612-TEST and 389-TEST.

Dedicated team

Passionate and dedicated team
of experts

Well trained and qualified specialists, listening to the customer and applying best available techniques.

Reasons for executing pipeline integrity programs

  • Avoid accidents
  • Ensure safe, continuous operation
  • Minimize pipeline corrosion
  • Avoid fire hazards
  • Maintain the integrity of your installations