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Pipeline networks

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Pipelines are by far the safest means of energy transportation, whether they are liquids or gases. However, they can still pose serious environmental and safety challenges for you as pipeline network operator.

The challenges

The two main reasons for incidents and disruption of continuous supply remain pipeline damage due to excavation and construction works by third parties nearby or on the pipeline. As well as pipeline corrosion caused by either internal or external mechanisms such as oxidation and erosion. Triggered by a series of serious incidents in various parts of the world, a proper risk assessment of the pipeline network is now considered essential to ensure safe operation of these assets.

How we can help

In order to address these two main physical threats to pipelines, we can fully support you throughout the lifecycle of your pipelines. From field surveys and services, to data management with best-in-class software. Services include leak detection with sniffing dogs, cathodic protection and coating surveys, continuous cathodic protection monitoring,risk assessments, condition assessments and Pipeline Integrity Management Software called PRIMS.

With more than 9.000 successful projects worldwide and 30 years of experience in the oil & gas industry, we help asset owners ensure safe, compliant, and efficient pipeline operations. Pipeline integrity is everything.

How we help pipeline operators