Reducing methane emissions with 75% by 2030: where do you start?

Marlies Dockx - 2019/07/01

*The facts*[#facts] *Recognition and initiatives*[#recognition] *What's in it for the industry?*[#industry] *The Sniffers' Methane Accounting Program[#start] * *More information*[#information]

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Seminar SFEMP Software: a day full of excitement

Marlies Dockx - 2019/06/20

*June 13th 2019: a big day for The Sniffers and especially our IT department! After a year of hard work, they finally got the chance to introduce our Belgian and Dutch customers to SFEMP 4.0: Sniffers Full Emission Management Platform.*

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The Sniffers introduces SFEMP: Sniffers Full Emission Management Platform

Marlies Dockx - 2019/05/20

How reliable is the emissions data of your assets that you report today? Do you currently use a softwaretool that fully supports your emission management program from scope determination to report generation? Do you currently only rely on estimations and not on accurate data?

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Press Release - Methane Accounting Program by The Sniffers: a Bottom-up Approach

Bart Wauterickx - 2019/05/09

*Belgium, May 9th*: Over the last 50 years, climatologists have established that the Earth is warming up due to the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. During the United Nations Conference of Parties (COP21) in Paris, a target was set to limit global warming to below 2o Celsius. Equally important was the recognition that CO2 emissions alone are not responsible for global warming; methane (CH4) is an equally critically-important greenhouse gas.

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The Sniffers introduces its Methane Accounting Program

Marlies Dockx - 2019/04/08

*We are pleased to announce our Methane Accounting Program!*

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A closer look at methane emission management in Europe: how effective is LDAR?

Marlies Dockx - 2019/04/04

Compared to North America, fewer public studies have focused on the measurement of methane emissions from oil and gas systems in Europe. To close this gap, *Carbon Limits* published a report in mth/year that provides valuable insights on emission patterns in Europe, focusing particularly on mid-stream emissions. The report also sheds new light on a few critical issues related to *methane emission mitigation*.

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Illustrated: Your quick wins for effective flare loss reduction

Marlies Dockx - 2019/03/29

Detecting and repairing the biggest leaks on valves first is a quick win requiring small efforts. *How did this work out for other companies in the industry?* Below benchmark, comparing the number of passing valves and the related emission in kg/year, visualizes this clearly.

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Discover a unique approach to ban illegal tapping in this month's Pipeline Technology Journal

Kristof Verwaest - 2019/03/18

In this month's Pipeline Technology Journal, our Operations Director, Kristof Verwaest, elaborates on the unique approach of sniffing dogs to ban illegal tapping.Measurement equipment can be effective but also has its limitations. It however becomes a win-win situation when measurement equipment is used in parallel with sniffing dogs.

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Your starters guide to contribute to zero routine flaring by 2030

Marlies Dockx - 2019/03/14

With the ambition of the World Bank to eliminate routine flaring by 2030, flare loss management[services/detail/Flare-Loss-Monitoring] should be on everyone's radar. So where do you start?

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Are you ready to eliminate routine flaring by 2030?

Marlies Dockx - 2019/03/07

The World Bank[]1 recently announced its "Zero Routine Flaring by 2030" initiative. The initiative brings together governments, oil companies and development institutions who recognize that the current flaring situation is unsustainable from both an environmental and resource management perspective.

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VIDEO: why methane emission management requires a bottom up approach - IP Week impressions

Marlies Dockx - 2019/02/27

Today, our CEO Bart Wauterickx elaborated on the importance of methane emission management during IP Week in London! Below video provides you with a sneak peek.

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The proof is in the pudding: case study on illegal tapping

Marlies Dockx - 2019/02/14

*Guaranteeing the continuity and integrity of your pipelines is essential. Below case study is an example of the sniffing dogs' capabilities for early detection of illegal tapping activities.*

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Why technology and nature go hand in hand for illegal tapping

Marlies Dockx - 2019/02/07

The detection of illegal tapping at an early stage is crucial to guarantee both the continuity and the integrity of your pipeline infrastructure. Soil remediation and expensive excavation are additional challenges that need to be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, in most cases, the theft has already occurred before the illegal tap is detected. In fact, the pipeline owner might not even be aware at all of these illegal activities.

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Easy theft, no security: today's illegal tapping challenges

Marlies Dockx - 2019/01/31

*Illegal tapping is a growing problem on a worldwide scale. Easy theft, no security. A recent example in Mexico, where the government shut down several key pipelines to prevent further theft by crime groups, highlights why pipeline managers across the world should be cautious of this costly crime. *

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The mission to reduce emissions: World Pipelines issue January 2019

Bart Wauterickx - 2019/01/23

If you check this month's World Pipelines issue, you will spot an article all about the mission to reduce emissions. Our CEO, Bart Wauterickx, outlines the techniques available to reduce emissions from compressor and valve stations on pipeline networks.

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Kickoff meeting - Ready for 2019!

Marlies Dockx - 2019/01/14

Last Friday, we had our annual Kickoff meeting followed by a walking dinner. Team members from Germany, Israel, Dubai and even Romania came over to join the festivities! Teamspirit was at an all time high, 6 employees were praised for 5, 10 and even 15 years of service, all employees were given 'Green Clean Machines' (what could that be?) and a jazz trio set the right tone for a relaxed evening. 

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VIDEO - A closer look at offshore detection of methane - NOGEPA

Marlies Dockx - 2019/01/03

The Sniffers recently had the opportunity to execute a project for NOGEPA (Nederlandse Olie en Gas Exploratie en Productie Associatie) in The Netherlands on an offshore platform in collaboration with TNO (Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek).

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The Sniffers at Kazakhstan International "Oil & Gas" Exhibition and Conference

Amy Van Wetswinkel - 2018/09/27

We're here at Kazakhstan International "Oil & Gas" Exhibition and Conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan! Don't forget to visit our Sales Manager, Kevin Reyniers, at stand 10-184.

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Visit The Sniffers at Kazakhstan International "Oil & Gas" Exhibition and Conference

Amy Van Wetswinkel - 2018/09/25

Visit us at Stand 10-184. at Kazakhstan International "Oil & Gas" Exhibition and Conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan from September 26th until September 28th.

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The Sniffers at a successful Gastech Exhibition & Conference in Barcelona, Spain

Amy Van Wetswinkel - 2018/09/21

We look back on a successful Gastech Exhibition & Conference, where our Sales Manager Cindy Verhoeven presented her paper: "The importance of accurate methane emission reduction in the supply chain of gas".

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Visit The Sniffers at Gastech Exhibition & Conference in Barcelona, Spain

Amy Van Wetswinkel - 2018/09/11

Our International Sales Manager, Cindy Verhoeven, will be attending this year's Gastech Exhibition & Conference in Barcelona, Spain from September 17th until September 20th!

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The Sniffers is looking for new talent

Amy Van Wetswinkel - 2018/09/07

Want to start a career at The Sniffers and contribute to a safer and greener environment?

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The Sniffers and WTS intro video

Amy Van Wetswinkel - 2018/08/23

The Sniffers and WTS Energy, 100 days into the Acquisition, Offering a Wider Range of Services on a Global Level to Oil and Gas Companies. Watch the video to find out

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Announcement: Gas Arabian Services New Agent for The Sniffers in Saudi Arabia

Amy Van Wetswinkel - 2018/07/10

*The Sniffers* is pleased to announce that we have entered into a new agent agreement with Gas Arabian Services (GAS) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.This agent agreement renews the existing presence of The Sniffers in Oil & Gas producing countries in the world like in KSA.

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Amy Van Wetswinkel - 2018/06/18

In an environment of increased storage capacity, ageing assets and increasing safety and environmental regulations, tank farm operators are confronted with several challenges. A proper leak detection survey combines different measuring techniques in order to identify and quantify the leaks.

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WTS Energy Acquires Leading Technical Company: The Sniffers

Frederik Rengers (WTS Energy), Nick Nooren (WTS Energy) and Bart Wauterickx (The Sniffers) - 2018/02/20

WTS Energy is pleased to announce that they have acquired The Sniffers, a service provider to the Oil & Gas industry with Emission Monitoring, Energy Saving and Pipeline Network Integrity Services, located in Balen, Belgium.

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Assess your investment in a Vapour Recovery Unit with our specific emission monitoring service

Marlies Dockx - 2018/01/31

*Is it worth investing in a Vapour Recovery Unit?* If you have asked yourself this question before, The Sniffers provides you with an answer.

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Visit our booth at SVIVA 2050

Marlies Dockx - 2018/01/24

Our Area Team Leader for the Israeli market, *Maxim Rozenfeld*, will be present at this year's *SVIVA 2050* event on *January 30th* in the *Hilton hotel* in *Tel Aviv*.

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ISO 17025 612-TEST Laboratory Accreditation for The Sniffers

Bart Wauterickx - 2018/01/18

The Sniffers is proud to announce that we have received the *ISO 17025 612-TEST Laboratory accreditation* from *BELAC*, the Belgian accreditation body, for our *Leak Detection program*.

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New year, new goals - Kick-off meeting impressions

Marlies Dockx - 2018/01/09

On January 5th, we gathered for our annual Kick-off meeting of 2018 followed by a reception.

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The Sniffers team throws a Christmas party

Marlies Dockx - 2017/12/29

It's the season to be jolly... also at The Sniffers!

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Happy customers - Our project leaders receive safety gift vouchers from customer in Port of Antwerp

Marlies Dockx - 2017/12/27

Our project leaders *Tom Miechielsen and Andy Fiaert* received *safety gift vouchers *from our customer, a refinery in the Port of Antwerp, for their safety awareness during the Optical Gas Imaging campaign on storage tanks.

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Happy customers - Successful offshore project for Oranje-Nassau Energie UK Ltd

Marlies Dockx - 2017/12/05

"We would like to thank you for all your efforts during the 2017 September shut down. We look forward to your continuous cooperation with Oranje-Nassau Energie UK Limited."

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Leak Detection And Repair in Europe - Carbon Limits reports with assistance of The Sniffers

Marlies Dockx - 2017/12/01

Carbon Limits published yesterday a report that provides* insights on emission patterns in Europe, focusing particularly on mid-stream emissions, *and sheds new light on a few* critical issues related to the mitigation of methane emissions.* We were given the opportunity to collaborate with Carbon Limits and 2 other companies.

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Teambuilding back-office team emission division in a nutshell: TS army themed escape room

Marlies Dockx - 2017/11/27

Our backoffice team of the emission division turned into a 'TS army' last week. An army-themed escape room with dinner afterwards was the recipe for a great teambuilding activity.

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Some impressions of the Environmental Campaign & Exhibition - Saudi Aramco Yanbu refinery

Marlies Dockx - 2017/11/23

Our CEO and international sales manager succesfully attended this week the Environmental Campaign & Exhibition at Saudi Aramco's Yanbu refinery.

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Did you check our advert in Oil & Gas Technology's latest issue?

Marlies Dockx - 2017/11/20

If you checked the latest issue of Oil & Gas Technology for the Middle East, which was distributed at ADIPEC last week, you have probably seen our advert.

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A closer look at LDAR & Flare during Environmental Campaign & Exhibition at Saudi Aramco's Yanbu Refinery in KSA

Marlies Dockx - 2017/11/14

The Sniffers will participate in the *Environmental Campaign & Exhibition* organized and sponsored by the Saudi Aramco Yanbu Refinery on *November 22nd and November 23rd*.

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Meet international sales manager Pratyush Datta at ADIPEC 2017

Marlies Dockx - 2017/11/07

Our international sales manager Pratyush Datta, responsible for the GCC region, will be visiting this year's ADIPEC on November 13th and November 14th.

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Successful workshop on storage tank emission management by agent Enesens

Marlies Dockx - 2017/10/31

Last week our agent Enesens, responsible for the Brazilian oil & gas market, organized a workshop in Santos on Storage tank emission monitoring.

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Our team is expanding

Marlies Dockx - 2017/10/27

We are pleased to welcome 5 new colleagues in our organization. Welcome Nele, Jarno, Lander, Peter and Cedric! Let us find out more about their role in the company.

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Sniffing out solutions - The Sniffers featured in World Pipelines magazine

Bart Wauterickx and Kristof Verwaest - 2017/10/16

We recently collaborated with World Pipelines Magazine on an issue about some of the challenges that extreme environments have on pipeline inspection operations and the solutions The Sniffers can offer.

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The Sniffers introduces: Coert van den Heuvel, CFO

Marlies Dockx - 2017/10/05

Recently, Coert van den Heuvel joined The Sniffers team as CFO. Join us in welcoming him. Who is he and where does his passion for Finance come from? Let us find out.

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The Sniffers Summer Barbecue

Marlies Dockx - 2017/10/03

Last week, The Sniffers team gathered for a summer barbecue. A delicious meal, casual chats outside of the working environment, the opportunity to meet new colleagues and a live performance was the recipe for a perfect evening.

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Shell rewards Area Coordinator Kenny Wittoeck for his safety awareness

Marlies Dockx - 2017/09/25

We are proud to announce that* Shell rewarded our colleague Kenny Wittoeck for his professional act of safety awareness*.

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Lean awareness & Problem Solving training

Marlies Dockx - 2017/09/21

This week, several team members of The Sniffers were given the opportunity to follow a Lean Awareness & Problem Solving training organized by The Lean Six Sigma Company.

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Happy customers – Successful Turnaround project at Borealis Plastomers Geleen

Marlies Dockx - 2017/09/12

The Sniffers’ team received positive feedback from our customer Borealis Plastomers[] in Geleen, The Netherlands, after a recently executed turnaround project. During startup, our *ultrasonic measurement device* as well as the* infrared camera* were used to detect leaks quickly and efficiently.

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Discovering FLIR's intrinsically safe GFx320 camera in collaboration with FLIR & customer ADPO

Marlies Dockx - 2017/09/05

The Sniffers recently collaborated with FLIR and customer ADPO to use the new *FLIR intrinsically safe optical gas imaging camera* during tank storage monitoring in hazardous locations; the* FLIR* *GFx320*.

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The Sniffers and RSK organize Benelux Contractor Safety Day 2017 on behalf of an international petrochemical company

Marlies Dockx - 2017/08/30

RSK collaborated with The Sniffers to organize the ‘BeNeLux Contractor Safety Day 2017’ at The Sniffers headquarters in Belgium on behalf of petrochemical company that is active internationally. The two main discussed safety topics during this day were *Subsurface Clearance and the applicability of different cable detecting methods *and* Heavy Equipment Exclusion Zone*

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Pipeline leak detection with sniffing dogs at Raffinerie Heide GmbH

Marlies Dockx - 2017/08/29

The Sniffers is specialized in leak detection in both underground and above-ground pipelines in the chemical- and petrochemical industry.

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Feature in Energeia magazine: Interview with dog handler Fred Guit

Marlies Dockx - 2017/08/09

The Sniffers' dog handler Fred Guit was interviewed by Energeia[], a magazine focusing on the Dutch energy market, to learn more about his day-to-day job and about the unique capabilities of *sniffing dogs[services/detail/Leak-Detection-with-T%C3%9CV-certified-Dogs].*

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Better insight in corrosion together with Zensor: Test location at The Sniffers office

Marlies Dockx - 2017/07/24

The Sniffers is pleased to collaborate with *Zensor* on a project to *test corrosion detection inside pipe casings* with Mobizen. Funding is provided by a French *Joint Industrial Project*: JIP Transporteurs.

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'Van detectiehond tot online softwarepakket' - Praxair Insights magazine

Marlies Dockx - 2017/07/18

Our customer *Praxair* gave The Sniffers' teamleader of the Pipeline Supervision Team, Thomas Machiels, the opportunity to be *interviewed* and *featured* in their *magazine* named *Insight Praxair*.

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The Sniffers signs agency agreement during Royal Mission to Republic of Korea

Marlies Dockx - 2017/06/20

Last week, The Sniffers attended the Royal Mission to the Republic of Korea, which was in presence of HRH Princess Astrid. Company *Yullin Technologies* was *appointed as The Sniffers’ agent* to represent us in the South Korean market during the official signing ceremony.

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The Sniffers introduces: New EX proof tablets for work onsite

Marlies Dockx - 2017/06/15

We are pleased to announce the *use of EX proof tablets onsite at our customers worldwide*.

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The Sniffers is looking for new talent

Marlies Dockx - 2017/05/30

Want to start your career at The Sniffers and contribute to a safer and greener environment?

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Project leader Sam Dillen receives appreciation award from Equate

Marlies Dockx - 2017/05/24

We are pleased to announce that our project leader Sam Dillen has received an *appreciation award* for his efforts made during this year's *LDAR campaign*[services/detail/Leak-Detection-And-Repair-LDAR-Fugitive-Emission-Management] at our customer *Equate*.

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The Sniffers introduces: Optimized reporting templates

Mathijs Molenschot - 2017/05/16

The Sniffers is pleased to announce its *optimized reporting templates for our customers worldwide.* Templates for both* local- and international legislations* were taken into account.

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Exploring the German market further - The Sniffers at Petrochemical & Refining Congress Hamburg

Mathijs Molenschot - 2017/05/09

The Sniffers will be attending the upcoming Petrochemical & Refining Congress in Hamburg, Germany from May 22nd to May 23rd.

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The Sniffers welcomes Pratyush Datta, international sales manager GCC region

Mathijs Molenschot - 2017/05/12

The Sniffers is pleased to welcome Mr. Pratyush Datta as International Sales Manager for the GCC region. Who is he and what motivates him? Let us find out. 

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The Sniffers introduces students to offer making and tender processing

Marlies Dockx - 2017/04/27

Today, Marlies Dockx, responsible for marketing and internal sales, and Mathijs Molenschot, intern marketing, were given the opportunity to introduce students to the concept of offer making and tender processing at Thomas More college in Geel.

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The Sniffers scores 100% on Loss Prevention Observation at Refinery in Port of Antwerp

Marlies Dockx - 2017/04/19

 Last week, Mr. Philip Schraeyen, training coordinator & auditor of The Sniffers executed a Loss Prevention Observation (LPO) during an LDAR campaign[services/detail/Leak-Detection-And-Repair-LDAR-Fugitive-Emission-Management] at our customer in the Port of Antwerp who considers safety its top priority.

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Happy Easter from The Sniffers

Marlies Dockx - 2017/04/14

The Sniffers wishes you Happy Easter!

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The Sniffers introduces: Kris Huybs, ICT Director

Marlies Dockx - 2017/04/10

As from May 15th, Kris Huybs will join The Sniffers team as ICT Director. Join us in welcoming him. Who is he and where does his passion for IT come from? Let us find out.

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The Sniffers getting ready for day 2 at PCH Meetings

Marlies Dockx - 2017/03/30

Are you currently attending PCH Meetings in Lyon? *Stop by our exhibition stand nr. 65* to get acquainted with our services for emission reduction, energy savings and pipeline & cable integrity. Get to know our Sales & Marketing Director, Yves Bastiaens, and international sales manager, Kevin Reyniers. They will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

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Getting the Measure - The Sniffers in Tanks & Terminals Magazine

Bart Wauterickx and Bas Hermans - 2017/03/23

What are the benefits of flaring and vapour recovery measurements on tanks? Which techniques can be used to find possible leaks and what are the advantages of these measurements for the tank farm operator?

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More than Man’s Best Friend - The Sniffers featured in Inside Oil & Gas Magazine

Bart Wauterickx - 2017/03/16

The Sniffers is featured in this month’s Inside Oil & Gas magazine.  

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Meet The Sniffers at different seminars and exhibitions this month

Marlies Dockx - 2017/03/10

* Zeeuwse Innovatie Starter KicMPi  Lekdetectie, The Netherlands - 14/03*

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The Sniffers welcomes new team members

Marlies Dockx - 2017/02/28

The Sniffers is pleased to welcome the following new additions to The Sniffers family:

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A day in the life of Thomas Machiels - Teamleader Pipeline Supervision Team

Marlies Dockx - 2017/02/13

*Meet: Thomas Machiels*

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Visit The Sniffers at Pipeline Technology Conference in Berlin

Marlies Dockx - 2017/01/25

Our international sales manager responsible for the German market, Cindy Verhoeven, will be attending the conference at this year's Pipeline Technology Conference in Berlin from May 2nd until May 4th!

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The Sniffers signs first TAR Acceleration contract with SABIC

Marlies Dockx - 2017/01/23

The Sniffers is pleased to announce its first contract for TAR Acceleration services[services/detail/NEW-Turnaround-Acceleration-Services] with SABIC in Geleen, The Netherlands.

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Watch how detection dog Mecky finds electrical short circuits

Marlies Dockx - 2017/01/19

Wonder how The Sniffers' dogs find electrical short circuits[/services/pipeline-and-cable-integrity/] fast and accurately? Meet Mecky! 

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Investing in onsite practical training

Marlies Dockx - 2017/01/13

The Sniffers invests in onsite practical training for its reporting specialists! Marie Swennen, one of our reporting specialists, went onsite and was satisfied. "The practical training onsite was very useful and it is a nice change from working in the office", she said.

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Happy New Year from The Sniffers team

Marlies Dockx - 2017/01/09

The Sniffers[/markets/] wishes you all the best for the New Year!

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Leak Detection with Dogs featured in World Pipelines magazine

Bart Wauterickx and Kristof Verwaest - 2016/12/16

The Sniffers' leak detection method with specialized TÜV-certified dogs is featured in this month's World Pipeline magazine!

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We are on the outlook for new colleagues. Want to join us?

Yves Bastiaens - 2016/12/02

In order to strengthen the fundaments of our organization and to realize our global growth ambition we are on the outlook for new colleagues. Check out our job section and discover[/jobs/] the following opportunities:

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Teambuilding sales team

Marlies Dockx - 2016/11/24

The Sniffers' sales team joined last week for a cooking workshop Italian style. Cooking skills were put to the test in teams of 2, which resulted in a delicious 3-course dinner.

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ADIPEC impressions

Marlies Dockx - 2016/11/08

Stop by our booth in *hall 4 number 4210* at ADIPEC 2016 and get to know the services we offer for your market.

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Visit us at ADIPEC 2016

Marlies Dockx - 2016/11/03

The Sniffers and our agent Al Masaood Oil & Gas are pleased to invite you to our exhibition stand at ADIPEC 2016.

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Agent Enesens speaking at Pipeline Security Workshop Brazil

Marlies Dockx - 2016/10/11

The Sniffers' agent Enesens will be giving a presentation on the localization of illegal tapping by using certified detection dogs[/services/pipeline-and-cable-integrity/] this Friday at the Pipeline Security Workshop! This event is organized by DNV GL and will take place from October 13th until October 14th In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Thank you for attending Emission Reduction & Energy Savings seminar

Marlies Dockx - 2016/09/27

We would like to thank all our delegates and speakers for attending The Sniffers' Emission Reduction and Energy Savings seminar which was held in our office in Dordrecht on September 14th.

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Fugitive Emission Summit China

Marlies Dockx - 2016/09/26

Connecting China’s Fugitive Emissions Community

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Agent IPAC speaking at Arpel seminar in Argentina

Marlies Dockx - 2016/09/08

The Sniffers’ agent IPAC, responsible for the oil & gas market in South America, will be speaking at the Arpel seminar about energy-saving opportunities in the (petro)chemical & gas industry. The seminar will take place from September 21st until September 23rd 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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The Sniffers and Enesens at LDAR seminar CETESB Brazil

Marlies Dockx - 2016/08/16

The Sniffers and our agent Enesens were pleased to be invited by CETESB for a seminar on LDAR in Brazil. The methodology of LDAR programs, legislation, as well as upcoming changes were presented by all 3 parties with interesting discussions and positive results in the end.

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