These 5 success factors help you manage the Cathodic Protection System on your pipeline network effectively

Cathodic protection systems protect your pipelines from malfunctions, beginning corrosion, and leaks. In this blog post, our colleague Martijn Vermeulen, Team Leader of our Pipeline Technical Team, shares 5 success factors to manage your Cathodic Protection network effectively. And he will share what the added value is of using IoT sensors to perform CP surveys. We use these sensors in our new Continuous Cathodic Protection Monitoring … Read more

Cathodic protection and coating surveys

These 3 user cases show how a GIS-based PIMS improves your daily work

Pipeline integrity management allows you to assess pig run results, execute a Fitness-For-Service (FFS) assessment, find out possible reasons for pipeline defects, and to document needed repairs. To handle all collected data from these surveys and to support pipeline integrity management, using a GIS-based PIMS software tool can definitely add value.  In this blog post, … Read more

OGMP 2.0 Member Guide: how to comply and reach the Gold Standard

Has your company joined the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP) Reporting Framework? Great to see your commitment to report accurate methane emission figures. Do you know what is required to comply? What does your plan to reach the Gold Standard look like? Which reporting level have you committed to? There is a lot of information to be processed and … Read more

Planning an LDAR campaign? Check these 6 common pitfalls first

Performing Leak Detection And Repair (LDAR) surveys are defined as a key action in both the OGMP 2.0 Reporting Framework and the proposal for the EU Methane Regulation to measure, report, and verify methane emissions. With an LDAR program, you identify and reduce unintended or fugitive emissions from equipment in your oil and gas facilities, … Read more

The Sniffers and Kayrros join forces to deliver robust methane detection system

Complementary approaches combine satellite imagery with ground-based surveys to reduce energy company methane emissions Balen, Belgium & Paris, France – January 20 2021 The Sniffers, the leading international environmental and integrity service provider, and Kayrros, the leading global carbon tracking company, are joining forces to provide an unrivaled methane monitoring solution for gas and energy … Read more

Press release: The Sniffers and Keneco Environmental Inc. help the oil & gas industry execute ALT FEMP (Methane) programs

December 14, 2020Calgary, Alberta – The Sniffers & its partner Keneco Environmental Inc. proudly announce their success in getting a client an approved AER[1] ALT FEMP program (Methane). This Alternative Fugitive Emission Management Program meets the annual methane reduction target while reducing the survey cost by up to 40% for surveys under Directive 060. Keneco … Read more

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