Case study: effective cathodic protection, pipeline inspections and third party interferences for BASF in Antwerp

The cooperation between BASF Antwerp in Belgium and The Sniffers is based on open communication and a hands-on mentality. What are the effects of this approach on their cathodic protection system and the integrity of their pipeline network?

BASF in the Port of Antwerp is with 6 km² the largest chemical production site in Belgium. According to Cris Van Dessel, Multidisciplinary Construction & Maintenance at BASF, the key to a properly functioning cathodic protection system is open communication between him and the inspectors and team leads of The Sniffers.

The cooperation with The Sniffers for cathodic protection is constructive. For me personally, they are my consultation team in the field. I can always rely on the expertise and know-how of the inspectors and the supporting team lead.

Cris Van Dessel, Multidisciplinary Construction & Maintenance BASF Antwerp

Open and straightforward communication is key

Sven Jacobs, Project Leader at the Pipeline Division of The Sniffers, values the open and straightforward communication he has with BASF Antwerp. “I really appreciate that BASF has a proactive mindset. They do not wait until something happens to their cathodic protection system but they act immediately. In my opinion, the proactive way of working, the open communication and their transparency and trust to provide me with access to their data are 3 pointers that other pipeline owners can learn from.”

Pipeline inspections and third party interference services

Did you know that BASF Antwerp apart from Cathodic Protection also has pipeline inspections on foot and by car as well as third party interference services executed by us?

“The cooperation for pipeline inspections and third party interferences runs similar to how we work for cathodic protection surveys. Open and straightforward communication, knowledge transfer, transparent reporting and their willingness to always improve really are the keys to success in the case of BASF” says Sven from The Sniffers.

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