Case study: LDAR, vent and flare loss monitoring, and steam loss monitoring for TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies in Antwerp, Belgium, has been a loyal customer of The Sniffers for over 20 years. Why do they rely on our services and what are the results after all the LDAR campaigns, steam loss monitoring as well as vent and flare loss monitoring projects?

“The first contract with TotalEnergies was signed in 1997 to manage fugitive emissions for Total Olefins Antwerp (TOA). Leak detection at TOA was already well established in the nineties”, says Mark Pauwels, Environmental Manager of TotalEnergies Antwerp.

Addition of energy saving programs

Mark adds: “Due to the execution of accurate and effective LDAR (Leak Detection And Repair) programs for TotalEnergies Refinery Antwerp and the expertise of the operators about our installations, we decided to also add energy saving programs to the scope of work. The Sniffers has therefore been executing steam loss monitoring as well as vent and flare loss monitoring since the early 2000s. We now have a clear overview of our steam traps and passing valves and we can act faster when a leak is found with the clear repair orders. Having our installations checked has resulted in important Return On Investments for TotalEnergies Antwerp.”

TotalEnergies was the first customer we ever executed steam loss monitoring for. All these years later, the results say
it all.

Bas Hermans – Emission Division Operations Director The Sniffers

Continued collaboration

Our collaboration with The Sniffers of more than 20 years is based on working with trustworthy experts who master the best available techniques to manage fugitive emissions and achieve energy savings. They anticipate to changes in legislation and update us accordingly.

Mark Pauwels – Environmental Manager TotalEnergies Antwerp

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Curious about the results of the emission reduction and energy-saving campaigns for TotalEnergies Antwerp?

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