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Press release: The Sniffers and Keneco Environmental Inc. help the oil & gas industry execute ALT FEMP (Methane) programs

December 14, 2020
Calgary, Alberta – The Sniffers & its partner Keneco Environmental Inc. proudly announce their success in getting a client an approved AER[1] ALT FEMP program (Methane). This Alternative Fugitive Emission Management Program meets the annual methane reduction target while reducing the survey cost by up to 40% for surveys under Directive 060. Keneco is an approved supplier under the BROA Program to implement this ALT FEMP for funding.

The Sniffers and Keneco´s ALT FEMP method is developed to fulfill compliance with Section 8.10.6 of Directive 060 as an innovative and science-based alternative to the fugitive emissions management program prescribed in this directive. This ALT FEMP proposal reflects 30 years of global experience with LDAR programs.

Our best practices in LDAR programs demonstrate that when certain quality features are present in an LDAR program, average results of 60% – 90% in emission reductions are achieved with only one survey per year, combined with an attention for leak follow up.

The Sniffers and Keneco´s ALT FEMP proposes an optimized LDAR program, which consists of one high-quality onsite survey per year, combining several measurement technologies. A smart combination of OGI and FID technology for leak detection forms the basis of the optimized program. A detailed source-based inventory and The Sniffers’ emission management software SFEMP are essential components of the program, to achieve the results as outlined in the ALT FEMP description.

The ALT FEMP program will deliver better, and more accurate emission quantification and reduction results, and with a lower annual cost, reducing surveys from 3 to 1 annually.

[1] Alberta Energy Regulator

About The Sniffers

The Sniffers is a global service provider in emission management and pipeline integrity programs  for the oil, gas and (petro)chemical industry. They realize their customers’ environmental, sustainability, and integrity ambitions with emission monitoring projects and pipeline inspection surveys. As an international service provider, they executed over 8.000 successful projects and have 30 years of experience in the industry.

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About Keneco Environmental Inc.

Keneco Environmental Inc. is a fully integrated environmental service company, which provides exemplary service to the upstream oil and gas industry throughout Western Canada. Since its inception in 1994, Keneco has established itself as a proven leader in the environmental industry offering services from regional locations throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

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