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Day report: seminar emission management software SFEMP

June 13th 2019: a big day for The Sniffers and especially our IT department! After a year of hard work, they finally got the chance to introduce our Belgian and Dutch customers to SFEMP 4.0: Sniffers Full Emission Management Platform.

The setting: the Antwerp zoo

The keyword of the software is emission management. What better setting to organize the seminar than in the Antwerp Zoo? Surrounded by animals and nature, we booked the Darwin Hall for the day with a Baleen whale skeleton as eyecatcher.

CEO Bart Wauterickx sets the tone

Once all customers had arrived, CEO Bart Wauterickx kicked off the afternoon with how emisson management is dealt with today and how The Sniffers evolved towards this next generation in Emission Management Software. The need of customers to access more accurate and reliable emission data was one of the reasons why The Sniffers developed the next generation in emission management software.

Live demos, new measurement equipment and real-time measurements

seminar SFEMP software

After Bart´s introduction, Kris guided the audience through the new software platform. To show the audience the functionalities and capabilities of the software, Kris shared a live demonstration with the assistance of Operations Director Bas Hermans.

Bas executed measurements at the Gas & Oil Company with our new Phoenix LDAR measurement device. This data was then automatically captured on the SFEMP Mobile application through Bluetooth on the Phoenix device. Besides a SFEMP Web application, the IT team also developed a SFEMP Mobile application which runs on our new ATEX mobile phones. Real-time measurements for all emission types across the complete gas value chain, data capturing and report rollout with the latest equipment. Impressive, right?

What were the first impressions of our customers?

“The Sniffers is evolving towards a full emission management software platform that captures all emissions.” – Gas transmission company

“An interesting development that provides complete insight in emission data.” – LNG Terminal

Belgian beers to end a successful day

After te Q&A session, both customers and teammembers of The Sniffers toasted to a successful afternoon and positive feedback. Thank you to all our customers for attending our seminar.

We are looking forward to realizing your Environmental and Sustainability Ambition with our SFEMP software!

More information

After the seminar, we also organized 2 webinars thoroughly explaining the software platform´s capabilities with live demos. The full webinar is now available on demand.