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Discovering FLIR’s GFx320 OGI camera at customer ADPO

The Sniffers recently collaborated with FLIR and customer ADPO to use the new FLIR intrinsically safe optical gas imaging camera during tank storage monitoring in hazardous locations; the FLIR GFx320.

Our project leader, Bart Segers, was given the opportunity to use the camera at ADPO’s storage tanks site and he was very pleased with how the optical gas imaging camera works.

Advantages of the FLIR GFx320 for you as a customer

The use of the latest OGI camera allows us to screen assets up to nine times faster than with the traditional TVA probes. This means less man days onsite for you a a customer resulting in financial benefits.

Another advantage is that, due to the safety zone compliance, hot work permits in Zone 2/Class I, Div II areas, depending on your company’s protocols, no longer need to be requested. This saves time for both our customers and us as a supplier; a win-win situation.

Thank you to FLIR and ADPO

Special thanks go out to FLIR for their assistance with this application story and to our customer ADPO for using the camera at their site.

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