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Emission patterns in Europe – How effective is LDAR?

Carbon Limits published yesterday a report that provides insights on emission patterns in Europe, focusing particularly on mid-stream emissions, and sheds new light on a few critical issues related to the mitigation of methane emissions. We were given the opportunity to collaborate with Carbon Limits and 2 other companies.

The resulting database includes about 800.000 data points from 4 different countries and 9 different types of facilities in Europe.

Your questions answered

Have you asked yourself these questions before? This report provides you with thorough answers.

  1. What is the distribution of emission rates, and how do rates vary based on the type of components?
  2. When operators detect a leak, they typically perform a repair. How effective are these repairs at reducing the emissions?
  3. How frequently are new leaks detected after repair, and how often does repaired equipment leak again?

Similarly to North American studies, the analysis demonstrates emissions distribution by equipment type, effectiveness of repairs, effectiveness of LDAR over time and confirms the need for regular and systematic LDAR.

Thank you

Special thanks go out to Carbon Limits for involving us in this project and for providing a public study on Leak Detection And Repair specifically in Europe.

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