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Interview with our new CFO Coert van den Heuvel

Recently, Coert van den Heuvel joined The Sniffers team as CFO. Join us in welcoming him. Who is he and where does his passion for Finance come from? Let us find out.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Coert van den Heuvel, 46 years old and happily living at a small but peaceful village Wiekevorst near Heist op den Berg with my wife and 2 children, a 14-year old daughter and a 12-year old son.

Besides working, I prefer spending time with my family playing tennis, skiing in winter and making adventurous holidays in summer. In order to fully relax I prefer cooking which sets the mind at ease.

Where does your experience in Finance come from?

In 1994 I graduated as building engineer and geometrician. Although a career looked promising when I started the studies, the hard reality was a crisis in the building industry with no need of new engineers.

Temporarily, I was asked to take over the bookkeeping department at an international company with branch offices in West and East Europe and I experienced that I was really good at accounting and enjoyed analyzing these figures. Although it was not intended, accounting and financing gave a lot of satisfaction, which resulted in the continuation of these activities. After starting in bookkeeping I quickly became a finance manager, finance director and CFO.

From 1994 until 2010 I gathered a lot of experience and knowledge in different types of industries such as car business, real estate, yacht production, distribution, etc. where I could combine my financial and commercial skills. In 2010 I was asked to help an accountancy office where I deepened my knowledge of taxation, year reporting, financial bank reporting, etc. Although it was intended to be a temporary assignment, I remained for 7 years in this business and learned a lot more about accountancy.

As senior accounting officer I specialized myself as a financial bank reporter for major wealth and fund advisors. Furthermore, I used my business experience to guide and help customers to improve their business.

What made you apply for the job of CFO at The Sniffers?

As senior accounting officer you will always be an outstander not taking part in the company origin of my career which was working as a financial manager. I was asked by a recruitment office if The Sniffers would be an option to turn around my professional life.

Honestly I had never heard of the company before and I therefore first studied the company, its business and logically the financial reports. I am convinced that green economy holds the future and I want to be a part of this.

After the meeting with the CEO I was even more persuaded to become a member of The Sniffers family. It was clear that there are sufficient challenges and I am proud to be the new financial manager of The Sniffers.