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The Sniffers receives ISO 17025 612-TEST Belac and 389-TEST Israc Laboratory Accreditation for their leak detection programs

We are proud to announce that we have received the ISO 17025 612-TEST Belac and 389-TEST Israc Laboratory accreditation from Belac – the Belgian accreditation body – and Israc – Israel´s accreditation body –  for our Leak Detection program.

Emissions of volatile organic components (VOC’s) from industrial Oil and Gas installations are harmful for the environment; hazardous air pollutants are dangerous for people as they affect the air breathing quality including the creation of smog and ozone, and some vapors are risky for the installation as they can cause an explosion.

To prevent these negative pollution effects from the Oil and Gas business, legislation exists all over the world to mandate the industry to take the necessary actions, corrective and preventive, to reduce their emissions from VOC’s to the atmosphere. The Sniffers is a leading player in this world since 1991, execute more than 9.000 leak detection projects and has a profound knowledge of these directives and legislations such as EPA Method 21 and NBN EN 15446.

Why ISO 17025 612-TEST and 389-TEST?

“This ISO Laboratory accreditation is an independent recognition of the LDAR capabilities of The Sniffers” says Bart Wauterickx, CEO. “When executing a leak detection project, it is essential that the customer can be assured that the detection of leaks, the individual quantification of a leak and the quantification of the overall emission of the installation to the atmosphere, is happening 100% consistent with the outstanding legislation.”

After a profound audit of the activities in the field, the adherence to the procedures and working methods, the accreditation body BELAC confirmed these capabilities. “As these emission measurements affect maintenance programs and official external environmental reporting of Oil and Gas sites, revealing the truth about the emission situation is indispensable for customers that care about their people and their social responsibility” adds Bas Hermans, Operations Director.

What does this accreditation mean for our customers?

This laboratory accreditation provides a formal recognition to confirm our competences and provides us a passport to submit tenders that require independently verified laboratories.

Our accreditation is highly regarded both nationally and internationally as a reliable indicator of this technical competence, thus assuring our customers that the LDAR measurement data supplied by our inspection services – wherever in the world – are accurate and reliable.

It helps our customers to minimize risk by ensuring that they are choosing a technically competent and trustworthy partner that has a sound quality system in place.