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OGMP 2.0 Member Guide: how to comply and reach the Gold Standard

Has your company joined the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP) Reporting Framework? Great to see your commitment to report accurate methane emission figures. Do you know what is required to comply? What does your plan to reach the Gold Standard look like? Which reporting level have you committed to? There is a lot of information to be processed and decisions to be made.

In this OGMP 2.0 Member Guide, we have summarized how to monitor, report, and verify your methane emissions performance, reach the Gold Standard, comply with OGMP 2.0, and, most importantly, reduce methane emissions significantly year after year.

In this OGMP 2.0 Member Guide

In this OGMP 2.0 Member Guide, you discover:

  • What the OGMP 2.0 Reporting Framework is
  • The classification of source types
  • Measurement techniques to measure methane emissions on source-level and site-level
  • What the reporting scope is
  • More about the 5 reporting levels
  • How to reach the Gold Standard
  • More about the reporting templates and timelines
  • Who to report to
  • How to manage all collected emission data from performed surveys
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