Case study: 20 years of emission management & energy saving services for Total in Antwerp

Total in Antwerp, Belgium, has been a loyal customer of The Sniffers for over 20 years. Why do they rely on our services and what are the results after all the LDAR campaigns, steam loss monitoring as well as vent and flare loss monitoring projects? “The first contract with Total was signed in 1997 to … Read more

Press release – Intero Integrity Services acquires leading environmental and integrity service provider The Sniffers

Tricht, The Netherlands, 18 December 2019 – Intero Integrity Services is pleased to announce that they have acquired The Sniffers, a longstanding service provider to the oil & gas industry and specialized in emission monitoring and pipeline integrity services. The Sniffers, founded in 1991 and headquartered in Belgium, offers emission reduction services such as LDAR … Read more

Intero pipeline inspection services

Why methane reduction is an opportunity in the Romanian Oil & Gas market

Our CEO Bart Wauterickx recently introduced our Methane Accounting Program in Romania. In this article, he explains why methane reduction is an opportunity in the Romanian Oil & Gas market. Romanian version of the article can be found below. ”We are operating worldwide, focusing on Upstream, Midstream and Downstream for O&G activities. We help companies … Read more

How The Sniffers can help you with reducing methane emissions with 75% by 2030

“Oil and gas sector can bring quick climate win by tackling methane emissions“. That was the headline of last week’s article published by the UN Environment. “A 75 per cent reduction of methane emissions has the potential to reduce global emissions by up to 6 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents per year“. Ambitious figures to achieve. Where … Read more

methane emission reduction

The Sniffers introduces SFEMP: Sniffers Full Emission Management Platform

How reliable is the emissions data of your assets that you report today? Do you currently use a softwaretool that fully supports your emission management program from scope determination to report generation? Do you currently only rely on estimations and not on accurate data? The Sniffers Full Emission Management Platform or SFEMP offers you qualitative, quantified, … Read more

Press Release – Methane Accounting Program by The Sniffers: a Bottom-up Approach

Belgium, May 9th: Over the last 50 years, climatologists have established that the Earth is warming up due to the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. During the United Nations Conference of Parties (COP21) in Paris, a target was set to limit global warming to below 2o Celsius. Equally important was the recognition that … Read more

methane emission reduction
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