Case study: why Gasunie exceeds expectations to reach emission targets

Transmission System Operator (TSO) Gasunie in The Netherlands takes emission monitoring seriously. They go the extra mile to reach environmental targets and to present accurate and trustworthy emission data to their stakeholders. How do they reduce fugitive emissions and greenhouse gases in their facilities? In this case study In this case study with Gasunie, you … Read more

Case study Gasunie

Why Elia relies on sniffing dogs for leak detection on underground cables

Elia, Belgium’s high-voltage transmission system operator, recently reached out to The Sniffers to detect possible small leaks on their underground cables. These specific types of electric cables are foreseen of an insulation fluid. External damage to these cables can cause a fluid leak, which undermines the proper functioning and can locally contaminate the soil. Fast … Read more

Announcement: Norwegian inspection service provider Integrity appointed as agent

We are pleased to announce that we have signed an agency agreement with Integrity to represent The Sniffers in the Norwegian oil & gas and infrastructure industries! Integrity is a nationwide provider of Integrity and Inspection services with its headquarters in Stavanger. The company provides a comprehensive range of services in industry sectors including upstream … Read more

Press release: The Sniffers and Keneco Environmental Inc join forces to help the Canadian oil & gas market

Alberta, Calgary, 16 March 2020 – The Sniffers proudly announces that they have partnered with Keneco Environmental Inc. to serve the Oil & Gas market with best-in-class Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) services as part of a legislated Fugitive Emissions Management Plan (FEMP) -AER Directive 60. The Sniffers, founded in 1991 and headquartered in Belgium, … Read more

Case study: the ROMEO project – How we helped Romania achieve accurate methane emission figures

Together with other research teams, we provided our expertise in methane emission management and specifically quantification as a partner of Utrecht University during the unique ROMEO project. Who was involved and what was the outcome? How it all began ROMEO (ROmanian Methane Emissions from Oil & gas) is a measurement campaign that was initiated by … Read more

Case study: LDAR, vent and flare loss monitoring, and steam loss monitoring for Total

Total in Antwerp, Belgium, has been a loyal customer of The Sniffers for over 20 years. Why do they rely on our services and what are the results after all the LDAR campaigns, steam loss monitoring as well as vent and flare loss monitoring projects? “The first contract with Total was signed in 1997 to … Read more

Press release – Intero Integrity Services acquires leading environmental and integrity service provider The Sniffers

Tricht, The Netherlands, 18 December 2019 – Intero Integrity Services is pleased to announce that they have acquired The Sniffers, a longstanding service provider to the oil & gas industry and specialized in emission monitoring and pipeline integrity services. The Sniffers, founded in 1991 and headquartered in Belgium, offers emission reduction services such as LDAR … Read more

Intero pipeline inspection services
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