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Safety first: pipeline supervision team awarded during the Road Safety Challenge in Benelux

We are proud to announce that our Pipeline Supervision Team has received an award and honorary mention for their efforts and contribution to the Road Safety Challenge in the Benelux! The challenge was set up by customer Air Liquide and is part of the European Road Safety Challenge. Last Friday, 8 November, our team captain Devin Vanhoucke as well as Pipeline Division Operations Director, Kristof Verwaest, accepted the award.

The challenge

During this 6-month challenge, team captain Devin shared original toolboxes about safe driving to our pipeline team and Air Liquide. They were especially impressed by our atypical toolbox about driving offroad and our safe approach in those situations.

Due to the efforts of our team, active contribution and original topics, our team received the award in the category ‘light vehicles’as well as vouchers to take an off road course with the team.


Special thanks to our loyal customer Air Liquide for this recognition. Congratulations to our pipeline department with this award and honorary mention! Together, we promote road safety and we share good practices.