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Safety awareness in the pipeline industry during the Benelux Contractor Safety Day

RSK collaborated with The Sniffers to organize the ‘BeNeLux Contractor Safety Day 2017’ at The Sniffers headquarters in Belgium on behalf of petrochemical company that is active internationally. The two main discussed safety topics during this day were Subsurface Clearance and the applicability of different cable detecting methods and Heavy Equipment Exclusion Zone

The first topic on pipeline & cable localization methods and safety precautions was presented by Kristof Verwaest, Pipeline Division Operations Director of The Sniffers. The different techniques used for underground pipeline & cable detection were shown on our training ground next to The Sniffers’ office.

RSK went in depth on the second subject of Heavy Equipment Exclusion Zone.

Why organize a Benelux Contractor Safety Day?

Safety needs to be each oil & gas company’s top priority. The petrochemical company that The Sniffers and RSK collaborated with takes this seriously and gives the opportunity to learn more and update their knowledge.

Thank you

We would like to thank RSK for the successful organization of this day. Special thanks also go out to petrochemical company for the interesting discussions and for showing interest in The Sniffers’ pipeline & cable detection methods.

Do you want to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your employees and the neighborhood?