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Signing first TAR Acceleration contract with SABIC

The Sniffers is pleased to announce its first contract for TAR Acceleration services with SABIC in Geleen, The Netherlands.

The Sniffers’ role in this project consists of leak detection with the ultrasonic technique and infrared camera as a backup while pressurizing the system with nitrogen and during startup of production. This enables SABIC to detect leaks fast and accurately compared to other traditional leak detection methods such as the traditional soap tests. Moreover, due to the limited time and the significant number of activities to be performed in startup phase, control of risks is essential. The leak testing method of The Sniffers during startup of production aims towards minimal risks for our customer.

The TAR Acceleration contract is a first test for SABIC to see the added value of this service during a turnaround at the Olefins 3 Nafta cracker and Bufa plants.

We thank SABIC for this opportunity and we are looking forward to showing our customer the possibilities of this service.