Sniffing out solutions - The Sniffers featured in World Pipelines magazine -

Bart Wauterickx and Kristof Verwaest


We recently collaborated with World Pipelines Magazine on an issue about some of the challenges that extreme environments have on pipeline inspection operations and the solutions The Sniffers can offer.

Bart Wauterickx, CEO, and Kristof Verwaest, Pipeline Division Operations Director, report:

"Existing underground pipeline systems or pipeline systems in extreme conditions do not tend to be designed to use the newest techniques and having them adapted requires huge investments or set up costs. Due to these technical limitations, as well as high environmental and economical threats, the pipeline leak detection market has raised its demand for a more effective approach to identify leaks in an economic, fast and efficient way, that can also be used in difficult environments. One solution on offer is The Sniffers’ specially trained sniffing dogs."

Discover the advantages of using sniffing dogs for your company and learn more about their capabilities for pipeline leak detection and detecting illegal taps.

More information about leak detection with TÜV-certififed dogs

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