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Successful Turnaround project at Borealis Plastomers Geleen

The Sniffers’ team received positive feedback from our customer Borealis Plastomers in Geleen, The Netherlands, after a recently executed turnaround project. During startup, our ultrasonic measurement device as well as the infrared camera were used to detect leaks quickly and efficiently.

“The flexibility of your planning, the actual execution of the project by your on-site people taking into account our needs are part of the positive experience.”

Mart Dircks, Borealis

Why choose for our service Turnaround Acceleration?

Checking for leaks after startup enables our customers to strive towards a leak-free and incident-free startup of production. This enables the maintenance team to focus on the key components of the startup process.

Turnaround acceleration is not limited to assistance during the startup, however. We also provide support before shutdown or during a turnaround.

Thank you to Borealis and our onsite specialist

We want to thank Borealis for their positive feedback and we look forward to assisting them in the future. Special thanks also go out to our onsite specialist Bart Segers for his professional approach during this project.