The Sniffers scores 100% on Loss Prevention Observation at Refinery in Port of Antwerp -

Marlies Dockx


 Last week, Mr. Philip Schraeyen, training coordinator & auditor of The Sniffers executed a Loss Prevention Observation (LPO) during an LDAR campaign at our customer in the Port of Antwerp who considers safety its top priority.

 The following items were assessed during the observation:

  •  correct use of personal protective equipment
  • know-how about the measurements
  • evaluation of the working environment
  • execution method of the measurements
  • correct use of measuring equipment
  • respect for environmental procedures

 The Sniffers’ operator, Tom Miechielsen, scored a perfect 100%, meaning that the LDAR measurements were being executed in a safe, responsible and professional manner with respect for the environment.

We want to thank Tom Miechielsen for his dedication and professional attitude. Special thanks also go out to our customer for the continued opportunity to execute LDAR measurements.

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