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Leak detection with sniffing dogs

Our sniffing dogs detect gas and oil leaks and illegal taps fast and accurately

The goal of the pipeline industry remains zero leakage. Leaks need to be detected at the earliest stage possible to prevent soil contamination.

Our dogs locate gas leaks, oil leaks, leaks on oil-cooled high tension cables, and illegal taps fast, accurately and efficiently. They pinpoint the exact leak locations, even in rural environments and hard-to-reach areas where it can be challenging to use measurement equipment. Our dogs have proven their capabilities many times and were the reason Intero – The Sniffers was founded in 1991.

Capabilities of our dogs

Gas and oil leaks

Locating gas and oil leaks with equipment is expensive, time-consuming and often impossible in remote areas. Our dogs locate these leaks accurately, even in rural environments or challenging conditions.

Leaks on oil-cooled high tension cables

Detecting underground leaks with measurement equipment above ground is often quite difficult and time-consuming due to the rather heavy product composition of the insulating fluid. Our dogs detect these leaks fast and accurately.

Illegal taps

Oil, ethylene, propane,... regardless of which valuable substance is flowing through your pipelines, illegal pipeline tapping is a major problem. Our sniffing dogs are specialized in locating illegal taps.

ExxonMobil Singapore consulted us to find leaks on underground road crossings with our sniffing dogs. What are the results?

Benefits of using sniffing dogs to detect leaks

More accurate measurements

Compared to measurement equipment, dogs detect the smallest leaks on PPB level and also the exact leak location.

Easy access to rural environments

Your pipeline infrastructure is easy to reach for sniffing dogs. Difficult weather conditions and dense vegetation are no longer issues.

Cost effective detection method

Detect leaks earlier and choose for a proactive detection method.

Intero - The Sniffers has definitely proven their capabilities with their sniffing dogs. The results of the 4-week survey are positive. The fast planning and setup of the project, the accuracy of the leak indications and the efficiency made this a success.