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Pipeline localization and inspection

We locate, digitize and inspect your pipelines

Knowing exactly where your pipelines or power cables are buried and correct and up-to-date documentation of the pipeline route helps you to avoid damaging these assets during excavation or trenching. Once the pipeline route is located and documented correctly, it is important to have your pipeline inspected on a regular basis to reveal any leaks or other hidden problems.

We provide a complete localization program to clearly determine the position and depth of underground pipelines and cables without having to excavate. This means saving costs. Besides pipeline localization, our specialists inspect pipelines on foot and by car. Whatever your situation is, our inspectors have the knowledge to solve your problem.

GIS GPS measurements enable the easy import and digitization of your assets at a very limited additional cost in any Geographic Information System (GIS), CAD drawing or our Pipeline Information Management System called PRIMS.

Our services and techniques

XYZ localization

High accuracy IMU’S make it possible to obtain realistic pipeline route data from ILI runs. Our experienced team can combine this with every variety of additional data from simple satellite imagery to partial drawings to optimize the results. Using features like bends, parallel lines and crossings, we create the optimum route possible from whatever combination of information is available.

Depth Of Cover assessment

Let technology identify and help resolve your depth of cover issues. Growing availability of high quality LIDAR data combined with optimized XYZ pipeline data and our expertise in the area can help you ensure adequate DoC by identifying the sections that require attention.

Right Of Way management

Right of Way Management is another element of Pipeline Management that has both administrative and safety related elements. All ROW data can be incorporated in PRIMS and easily represented on maps as well as in tables or reports. Correspondence and other documents can also be included, attached to the land parcels or persons.

Pipeline inspections

Inspections are crucial in securing the visibility of your pipeline network, preventing uncoordinated third party interferences and following up coordinated works.

Benefits of pipeline localization, inspection and digitization

Save costs by eliminating excavation

Determine the position and depth of your pipelines without the need to excavate. and save costs.

Up-to-date information

Keep your infrastructure database up-to-date and stop relying on old plans of your pipeline infrastructure. with our PRIMS software.

Optimal third party interferences

Know the exact current location of your underground infrastructure to ensure optimal third party interferences.