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Third party interferences and activities

We supervise and manage third party interferences and activities

Management of Third Party Activities is an important element of Pipeline Integrity Management. It allows you to take actions to minimize damage from third parties and to ensure that any damage caused is seen and repaired quickly.

Our inspectors supervise these third party activities and provide detailed follow-up with our Pipeline Information Management Solution – PRIMS.

PRIMS enables easy data import from many sources such as one call systems, KLIP/KLIM, KLIC/WION, flight observations and ground patrol observations. Our PRIMS Mobile application can be used to very efficiently monitor activities and report progress and statuses in a clear and unambiguous way. Correspondence, including contracts with constructors, can all be managed in PRIMS.

Pipeline localization
Signalization of a pipeline
Discuss safety precautions
Logging of Third Party Activity in software

Benefits of third party interferences and activities

Secure your pipeline infrastructure

Supervising and guiding third party works is crucial to secure your pipeline infrastructure.

Fast interventions and reporting

We intervene fast when damage is done to your pipelines and report using our PRIMS software.

Close follow-up with software

Import data from KLIM/KLIP, KLIC/WION, one call systems and others in our PRIMS software for easy access and follow up of third party activities