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Ultrasonic in-line pipeline inspections

Inspect your pipelines using an ultrasonic in-line tool

To provide a suitable solution for the inspection of (unpiggable) pipelines, the Inspection Service Line of our owner Intero Integrity Services has developed the Piglet – a highly versatile ultrasonic inspection tool on a mobile platform for use anywhere in the world on short notice.

For maximum flexibility, the system applies a contact-free ultrasonic measuring head that is able to scan the full surface of the pipe wall. Dual diameter, mitered bends, full-bore unbarred tee pieces, and single entry configurations are well within the capabilities of our system and can be inspected utilizing regular, high, and ultra-high resolutions. Our innovative solutions provide insight in unpiggable pipelines ranging from 2” to 64” and located from subsea offshore to remote areas anywhere in the world.

Benefits of ultrasonic in-line pipeline inspections

Perform wall thickness, geometry and XYZ survey in one run

The ultrasonic system is based on direct ultrasonic measurement with time of flight (TOF) measurement so that accurate absolute wall thickness data can be gathered. This allows a full overview of any wall-thickness reductions that may impact the pipeline’s integrity.

Store data on-board

An on-board IMU (inertial measurement unit) measures the routing of the pipeline. In combination with D-GPS measurements, this allows spot-on XYZ mapping for integration in Pipeline Management systems, and allowing accurate determination of the location of detected defects based on the inspection.

Ultrasonic measurements available online

The system stores the raw ultrasonic A-scan data of each measurement. This enables a detailed analysis of defects, allowing re-evaluation and preventing errors due to algorithm induced analysis.