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Pipeline integrity management

We support your pipeline integrity management activities

In order to guarantee the integrity of your pipeline network, you must be able to manage all outside activities and accurately evaluate the technical condition to allow for planning and organization of maintenance and repairs. This means having fast and reliable access to information describing the status of outside influences, environment and condition of your pipeline and the ability to monitor this information in an easy and efficient way.

PRIMS – Pipeline Risk & Integrity Management Solution – is a cloud-based software platform to ensure operational efficiency, safety and compliance. Take complete control of your pipeline operations and manage data from field surveys, third party activities and risk assessments all from one software platform. PRIMS offers you complete Pipeline Integrity Management in a single integrated system, configured to your needs.

Combined with our 30 years of experience in executing field surveys, our inspectors have the knowledge and qualifications to detect any hidden problems or areas for improvement. We help you manage the integrity of your pipeline network.

How we can help with pipeline integrity management

Pipeline Information Management Software - PRIMS

Pipeline Risk & Integrity Management Solution - PRIMS

PRIMS covers all aspects of pipeline integrity management. It is a cloud-based software platform that captures, analyzes and visualizes all your pipeline data. From cathodic protection surveys, to ILI in-line inspection runs, third party activities, condition assessments, risk assessments and integrity management; all data can be captured in one platform. Track risk, compliance and manage the integrity of your pipelines with PRIMS.

Training for pipeline integrity

After being present in the oil & gas industry for 30 years and performing more than 9.000 successful projects, our team of pipeline inspectors have the skillset to train your professionals. Sharing our knowledge and increasing the competences and capabilities of people all helps to realize integrity objectives.

Depth Of Cover Assessments

Let technology identify and help resolve your depth of cover issues. Growing availability of high quality LIDAR data combined with optimized XYZ pipeline data and our expertise in the area can help you ensure adequate DoC by identifying the sections that require attention.

XYZ Localization

High accuracy IMU’S make it possible to obtain realistic pipeline route data from ILI runs. Our experienced team can combine this with every variety of additional data from simple satellite imagery to partial drawings to optimize the results. Using features like bends, parallel lines and crossings, we create the optimum route possible from whatever combination of information is available.

Right Of Way Management

Right of Way Management is another element of Pipeline Management that has both administrative and safety related elements. All ROW data can be incorporated in PRIMS and easily represented on maps as well as in tables or reports. Correspondence and other documents can also be included, attached to the land parcels or persons.

Can we help you with pipeline integrity management?

Contact our experts. We gladly provide you with advice.