Pipeline Risk and Integrity Management Software PRIMS

Manage the integrity of your pipelines with PRIMS software

In order to guarantee the integrity of pipelines, you as operator need to be able to manage all outside activities and accurately evaluate the pipeline´s technical condition in order to plan and organize maintenance and repair activities. This means having fast and reliable access to information describing the status of outside influences, environment and the pipeline condition.

PRIMS – Pipeline Risk & Integrity Management Solution – is a highly performant cloud-based software platform to ensure operational efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance.

Take complete control of your pipeline operations and manage data from field surveys, third party activities, risk assessments and integrity management all from one software platform.

PRIMS allows you to comply with regulatory requirements, control risks and ensure the environmental and economic sustainability of the pipeline and, most importantly, ensure the safety of your staff and the public.

Capabilities of pipeline integrity management software PRIMS

All pipeline information in one system
PRIMS captures all pipeline information from different data sources and visualizes the information in a geographical context. All information can be easily accessed through the cloud-based platform.
Wide range of data import capabilities
PRIMS supports a wide range of data import. For example, ILI data can be imported from a tally list, which immediately gives you insight in the pipeline´s condition.
Automatic exchange of third party activity data
Data from one-call systems, KLIP/KLIM or KLIC/WION systems, flight observations and inspections in the field can easily be imported into PRIMS. PRIMS allows you to log activities, communicate to your stakeholders and to supervise third party activities in the field with our PRIMS mobile application.
Pipeline Condition Analyses
The PRIMS Pipeline Condition Analysis module contains a wide range of functionalities focussing on corrosion as the most common and major threat to pipeline integrity. The PCA module does not only look at ILI data but also at cathodic protection data and carries out all analyses in a geographical context so users can identify possible causes and issues.
Risk Assessments
The Risk Assessment module (RA) consists of the Risk Method definition, Segmentation and Assessment. The Risk Assessment Services include specialist data collection and implementation through to preparation of methods, assessments and provision of complete Risk Assessment reports with suitable recommendations for future risk reduction.
Corrosion Growth Analyses
Perform Fitness-For-Purpose assessments with the support of PRIMS to define flaw acceptance limits. Corrosion activities in a pipeline can also be quantified using the Corrosion Growth Analysis capability. Reliable corrosion growth rates allow a Remaining Life Assessment.

Benefits of pipeline risk and integrity management software

Improve data consistency in case of pipeline changes

All pipeline data is available in one system, which allows you to always work with up-to-date information if a pipeline is changed or extended.

Factual information about the condition of your pipelines

Data from different risk assessments and condition analyses can be imported into PRIMS so you have a clear overview of your pipeline´s condition and potential risks.

Improve communication between stakeholders

All pipeline information is centralized in one system so different stakeholders are aligned, which improves communication between the different parties.