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Pipeline risk assessment

Assess active threats on your pipelines with risk assessments

Risk Assessments are common in the pipeline industry. Understanding the risks that an operator´s pipelines are facing is crucial to investigate inspection and maintenance strategies.

There are many different types using varying methods and for differing purposes. The Risk Assessment approach supported in PRIMS is designed to help pipeline operators optimize their efforts to maintain pipeline safety by understanding how and why risks vary along the pipeline and over time. This way, they can direct resources to where they are most effective. Our risk assessment module uses the W. Kent Muhlbauer method or custom variants are also possible.

Our PRIMS Risk Assessment module allows definition of many varying risk calculations but all use similar sorts of data. It collects inputs that may or may not vary along the pipeline regarding potential causes and consequences of loss of containment.

Our methods to assess the risks on your assets

Pipeline Risk Method Modelling

Our Pipeline Information Management System - PRIMS - has the capability to define and apply multiple risk models such as the W. Kent Muhlbauer method or custom variants if required.

Risk Profiling

To make the results of Risk Assessment easier to understand, the representations include typical thematic mapping with colour coding according to levels of risk. This can be defined and displayed from any factors included in the entire set of Risk Assessment

Regulatory Compliance Check

Our regulatory compliance check compares the current situation to regulations and best–in-class practices that applies to both prescriptive and aspirational (ALARP) regimes. We review regulations and applicable standards, compare practices to regulations, resulting in a gap analysis report.

Benefits of pipeline risk assessments

Evaluate how and where to invest in improved safety

With our risk assessment module in PRIMS, you identify threats to your pipeline network and you gain insight where to invest in maintenance to improve safety first.

Assessments on consistent basis for multiple pipelines and sections

Using the WKM model or custom variants, we provide risk assessments on consistent basis for multiple pipelines and sections.

Identify gaps to comply with regulatory requirements

Assess the future economical life of your pipelines and improve insight in repair and maintenance needs to plan your investments accordingly with our PRIMS software tool.

Discover how to visualize Risk Assessments in the datasheet

Do you perform multiple Risk Assessments but miss insight into overall risks and risk levels on your pipelines?

The Risk Module in PRIMS helps you visualize the risks so you can take actions where necessary.

Download the datasheet for more information.

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