Fugitive Emission Management Software

The Sniffers’ Fugitive Emissions Management Program or SFEMP is our enterprise-level software tool to register, monitor, calculate, report and manage your fugitive emissions.

Data management of fugitive emissions can be challenging. Maintenance of this data needs to be continuous, customizable reporting is required towards management and there are different needs of fugitive emission information for people on-site and at corporate level. Moreover, data integration and export may cause difficulties.

As owner of this software application, we continuously improve and adjust to fully guarantee satisfaction. Access to the application is easy by logging in with a personal account on our website.

Why use SFEMP Software

  • 3 user platforms, i.e. local installation, web application and mobile
  • Consolidated views at corporate level, site, plant,  etc.
  • Customizable, complying with any governmental and country-specific regulation
  • Flexible data export and integration
  • Access to historical reports for comparison
  • Information generation by means of graphs and queries for management

The Sniffers’ Fugitive Emission Management enables easy data-access, overall flexibility, and customizable reporting for both on-site use and at corporate level.

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