Leak Detection And Repair - LDAR - Fugitive Emission Management

The Sniffers’ LDAR Fugitive Emission Management Program has completed more than 6.000 LDAR projects around the world over the past 25 years.

An effective Fugitive Emission Management Program goes beyond the minimum requirements mandated by the local regulators. It enables management to turn the data-driven advice into a business competitive advantage in:

  • safety
  • health
  • maintenance cost
  • production output
  • quality
  • social responsibility

What your successful LDAR service program looks like 

  • Year after year tangible reductions in fugitive emissions
  • Fully compliant emission management program and reports in accordance with local legislation or permission requirements. Audit controlled execution.
  • Full transparency on the total emission performance of the complete plant, bottom-up and top-down data available per medium, per source type, per stream,…
  • Data-driven advice reducing total emissions or eliminating dangerous situations
  • Clear maintenance priorities driving the highest effect for the lowest cost. Focus on bad actors.
  • Actionable and efficient maintenance instructions, aligned or embedded in the plant’s maintenance software module
  • Fast and efficient emission-measuring process onsite, fully compliant with the plant’s safety regulations

Compliance with different regulations

Our complete project process from monitoring up to report generation is in compliance with governmental regulations, country-specific regulations and customer-specific regulations.

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