Leak Detection in Underground Pipelines

Anticipate on excavation damage and corrosion by detecting leaks in underground pipelines early.

The 2 main reasons for incidents and disruption of continuous supply remain:

  • excavation damage to the pipeline
  • corrosion of the steel pipes

The main challenges of hydrocarbon leak detection in the pipelines come from the underground installation and the long distances involved.

Detecting leaks at an early stage is thus crucial to guarantee both the quality and the continuity of your pipeline infrastructure. In consultation with our clients, we schedule a periodic leak detection run employing the approved techniques, not only to fulfil your legal obligations, but also to evaluate your pipeline's condition, thus helping you to make the right investment decisions.

Leak detection services

The Sniffers is helping its customers with the full spectrum of possible detection services:

We rely on 25 years of experience in leak detection to detect the smallest leaks but also gas or oil treated water.

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