Methane Accounting Program


The largest source of industrial Methane emissions is the oil and gas industry.

Methane emissions in the oil & gas business are present throughout the whole gas value chain; from exploration and production, onshore and offshore, over gas processing plants, transportation via pipelines or ships, and distribution to customers. The nature of methane emissions is quite diverse and can be intended or unintended. Emissions from leaking wells, flanges or compressors, or methane emitted through vents, all contribute to the total emission from the industry.

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What it does

The Methane Accounting Program from The Sniffers is focusing on a continuous reduction of all emissions from all assets on the gas value chain. The Fit for Purpose approach, considering all relevant technologies and protocols, provides a balance between sufficiently accurate emission figures and the costs of such a program.

The process

  1. To start, a methane program is developed together with the customer. Based on the actual emission situation, a fit for purpose strategy is developed considering robust measuring technologies like OGI cameras and TVA measurements, but also new technologies like drone surveys, or IoT sensors.
  2. Secondly, a team of emission specialists executes the field surveys. Emissions are detected and quantified. A complete and detailed picture of the whole emission situation of the asset is put together, including unintended and intended emissions.
  3. The third step leads to continuous methane reduction. Together with the customer, The Sniffers engineers assess the methane emission figures and define the plan going forward. Besides maintenance repair activities and engineering changes, dedicated IoT sensors or continuous remote measures are considered. Knowledge transfer workshops and methane awareness trainings provide a better understanding. Detailed peer-to-peer benchmark exercises reveal the areas of improvement. 


The Sniffers’ wealth of experience and knowledge in effective emission reduction programs supports customers to:

  • determine how much methane is emitted per asset and across the entire chain from well to market,
  • reduce these methane emissions in a sustainable way,
  • report in a credible way audited data to all stakeholders.

More information about the program

Contact our experts and learn more about how The Sniffers’ Methane Accounting Program can help you to limit global warming and reduce methane emissions.

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