NEW - Quick Scan

Quickly scan your assets to identify immediate cost savings.

The senior and specialized project leaders of The Sniffers are capable of helping any Oil and Gas plant, petrochemical and chemical sites, by using their ability to quickly scan assets and systems to identify major emission and energy-saving opportunities.

Possible quick scan services

 Quick scan process

  1. The service starts with a kick-off meeting at the site to understand and analyze the site details and all systems.
  2. Based on the selected service item(s), the project leader defines and organizes his site tour and performs a quick scan using our specialized equipment comprising e.g. 100 measuring points.
  3. You receive a quick scan report ranking these measuring points according to their highest emission and energy-saving impact with an extrapolation for your complete site.
  4. The report will be presented in a review meeting suggesting an emission and energy-saving action plan for the coming year(s).

 A standard quick scan is usually performed in 2 days on-site, with an additional day per added quick scan service.

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