NEW - Soil Remediation Emission Monitoring

The Sniffers' Soil Remediation Emission Management system uses multiple measurement devices all capable of continuous monitoring of specific air contaminants on location.

The close follow-up of emissions originating from soil remediation is essential for assuring a healthy and safe environment.  The devices are wirelessly connected to a central computer. The data from these devices are stored in real-time and can be presented in diverse overviews, graphs and reports using a web application specifically developed in-house.

Possibilities of soil remediation emission monitoring

• Transparency and visibility on the soil remediation progress
• Continuous monitoring of volatile contaminants in air
• Measurement of multiple sample points
• Real-time storage of measurement results in the ‘cloud’
• World-wide consultation of results
• Data-reporting in diverse overviews, graphs and reports
• Automatic alert system in software application TAURUS when threshold values are surpassed
• Tailor-made solution

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