Pipeline Localization and Digitalization

Knowing exactly where your pipelines or power cables are buried underground helps you to avoid damaging these assets during excavation or trenching.

As the majority of pipeline leaks are initiated by previous excavation works, knowing the exact location and depth of your pipeline network is essential for construction works. Construction companies in rural or urban areas must be careful not to accidentally damage these lines during excavation or trenching work.

Having accurate network location data will prevent:

  • lost products
  • emergency response costs
  • damage to property
  • injuries and casualties

Insufficient knowledge of pipeline or cable depth is likely to cause accidents, especially with low-cover ditches and canals that are being cleaned annually.

Pipeline locators and PIMS

The pipeline locators used by The Sniffers determine position and depth of underground pipelines and cables according to outstanding standards or legislation, without expensive excavation.

These GPS measurements can be visualized in a digital manner via any Geographic Information System (GIS), a specific Pipeline Information Management System (PIMS) or CAD drawing. Whereas plans only represent the position of the underground infrastructure as it used to be in the past, actual measurements deliver:

  • the latest information
  • up-to-date infrastructure database

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