SFEMP: Sniffers Full Emission Management Platform

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How reliable is the emissions data of your assets that you report today? Do you currently use a softwaretool that fully supports your emission management program from scope determination to report generation? Do you currently only rely on estimations and not on accurate data?

The Sniffers' Full Emission Management Platform or SFEMP offers you qualitative, quantified, actionable data for all your emissions throughout the complete gas value chain.

SFEMP Software capabilities

  • Full support for scope determination and customized scope creation in compliance with local regulators
  • A Mobile Client providing valuable insight in inventorization and streams
  • Transparent calculations supporting multiple standards and emission types
  • Full reporting and dashboard functionalities of all your emissions data
  • Easy integration and extension with f.e. maintenance management systems
  • ISO17025 accredited

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Our customers┬┤ first reactions

After we introduced the software to our customers, we asked their initial reactions.

"The Sniffers is evolving towards a full emission management software platform that captures all emissions." - Gas transmission company

"An interesting development that provides complete insight in emission data." - LNG Terminal


SFEMP Software

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